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Science-Based Products
That Repair and Rejuvenate the Body

The Innovators of Fasting Nutrition Science to Help You and Your Family Live Healthier Longer

Get All the Benefits of a 5 Day Fast with Food.

Our Mission

L-Nutra is a nutrition technology company using breakthrough science to enhance human health and longevity. Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to live to 110, healthy. We do so by providing true solutions in nutrition and lifestyle for people and for the medical system to adopt.

Fasting: A Life-Changing Story


Fasting was a part of the human diet for thousands of years. In recent decades, humans optimized the food-supply chain and started eating multiple times a day. We began consuming more than the body was used to, adding weight and developing life-style related diseases.

Current medical practice is largely focused on the results of unhealthy living, while L-Nutra is unlocking the promise of a healthy lifestyle through the strategic use of periodic fasting.

A prolonged 4-7 day fast provides health benefits by stressing the body enough to go beyond fat burning associated with reduced calorie intake to cellular regeneration and rejuvenation. These benefits can be achieved with L-Nutra’s ProLon 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet developed by researchers at the University of Southern California.

Did You Know?

L-Nutra holds the rights to the only patent in the history of healthcare on optimizing longevity and healthspan.

L-Nutra holds the rights to the only patent where the fasting condition is used as a dietary treatment of diabetes.

The founder of L-Nutra, Dr. Valter Longo, generously donates all profits from his 60% share in L-Nutra to the Create Cures Foundation.

Why Fast?

Humanity fasted for hundreds of thousands of years. However, over time, this practice was lost and we now find ourselves fighting a global obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle epidemic. At L-Nutra, we are experts in helping people experience the benefits of fasting through our proprietary Fasting Mimicking Diet that nourishes the body while signaling the cells to stay in a fasting state. The FMD® provides all of the fasting gains without all the hunger pains.

What Happens When The Body is in the Fasting Mode?

Fasting, and especially prolonged fasts, provide a wide array of health benefits such as cellular regeneration and rejuvenation, weight loss, and improved metabolic balance.

What is Fasting With Food?

Many people associate not eating with hunger pains and fear a lack of energy and necessary nutrition. However, with L-Nutra’s Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD), you actually nourish the body while keeping it in a fasting state for a host of positive metabolic effects that can help to reduce risk factors for aging to support healthspan.

Our FMD is a disruptive technology in the wellness and healthcare space.

Science & Research


Heart disease, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease are among the most common causes of mortality in the United States and the prevalence of these diseases are significantly increased as we age and in our elderly population.


in research funding

12,000+ health practitioners 
recommending our products

Uses of ProLon

Make a Difference With Every Purchase

The inventor of ProLon, Dr. Valter Longo generously donates all profits from his 60% share in L-Nutra to the Create Cures Foundation.

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